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Ads Campaign Manager

Role: UI/UX Designer
Team: Product Owner, UI Engineer, Lead UX Designer
Duration: 3 months
Client: BounceX

- Information Architecture
- Market Research
- User interview
- Userflow
- Prototype
- User Interface Design
- Usability Testing

Ads Campaign Manager is a product to help marketers create, launch and manage ads campaigns in an easy and timely manner. I collaborated with another 2 designers on on market research, user flow and information architecture. My main responsibility focusing on user interface design and micro interaction design.

Build user flow and information architecture to provide better guidance of interacting with the platform.

User flow helps us understand users can start project from 2 paths: demand partner or Ad unit, before working on campaign level. We gained great insight to build information architecture and developed sections according to the flow.
When sketching wireframe, we found that some features or steps could be combined to cut down similar steps and make the whole process more cohesive. Thus, design approach is emphasizing consistent pattern and comprehensive interaction scrolling.

Conduct internal and external research to find consistent and user friendly UI pattern.

To better working on user interface, I conducted a market research on some universal UI pattern online. I also looked into design of our other current products to make sure visual and brand consistency.

Break down and reassemble complex information to design easy to use and optimizable components.

After studied and analyzed information architecture from a design perspective, I found that there are 2 components repetitively used across pages: Navigation of motile levels and Table of multiple tags and choices. I sketched some potential layout solutions for these complex components and shared with my team to discuss for the next step. Below is an example how I approach the problem designing a better table of multiple tags and choices.

Iterations of design concepts