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I am always interested in design projects which I can interact with audiences. I enjoy communication art because it involves storytelling and connection of people with different backgrounds and industries.

On September 17th, I launched the project I.wanna.tell.U on Instagram. It’s created to encourage and inspire people by thoughts coming from our daily life, by the method of simple words and illustrations.

  • It was an ongoing project with 100 Instagram posts.
  • Each post includes one inspiring quote and an illustration describing it.
  • Quotes are collected from people in real life.


Inspired by the project, 12 Kinds of Kindness, launched by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, and #the100DaysProject of Elle Luna, I decided to launch a project including participation, interaction and message sharing within a community. I asked people around me to write down encouraging and inspiring words to pass the energy, belief and positive attitude to the others.

From time to time, we are confronted with stress, anxiety or even depression in present society, but we are not alone. We are facing similar problems living the same world, where everyone's wisdom and knowledge can be combined as a whole, a powerful unit, to generate brilliant thoughts and pass them along to one another.


1. Send surveys and collect quotes.

2. Transfer quotes to hand done illustrations.

3. Share and tag.